Bent u opzoek naar een servicepartner voor al

uw witgoedreparaties, kokendwaterreparaties

en installaties?

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Offer your customers an even better service?

Giving your customers a better software? Service control offers an excellent software program to use for all of your repairs. With our software we can couple technicians with your customers with broken products. Our program also offers an extending list of other benefits. Read more about are process.

What are the benefits of our software?

Our software is a usefull tool to report in all your repair tasks. Service Control then couples your task with a skilled technician to perform the repair. Another benefit of our software? all of your invoices in one place. Want to know more? Read more

Companies that already use our software

The following companies are already using our software: BCC, Makro, Novy Nederland, Kuppersbusch, MediaSaturn, Whirpool, Elbeka etc. For the complete list take a look at ‘Our partners’ to find out the organisations that are already using our repair software. Our partners also recommend us because of our transparent software

Our platform works efficient and transparantly.

Say, you bought a product at one of our partners but suddenly it breaks, so you need a repiar. Service Control can help you. Through one of our partners you repair is reported in our repair software. Immediatly we assign one of our skilled technicians to come your aid . But how does it works?

This is how we work

What do we offer? Service Control offers an online software tool where you can fill in repairs. Customers that bought your white good products are guaranteed of a good service an repaired goods. Our software tool also provides a clear and complete wizard for our technicians. It isn’t just transparant for you, the technician also know what to do.

Our software also has another list of benefits. Would you like to know all of them, or just want to see our process?

The following partners already use our service.

Service Control already has an great amount of partners.  To the right already is a list of the people who like to work with us because of our excellent service and software. Besides our excellent service we also only work with excellent and skilled technicians.

Are you in need of a partner to perform your repairs? Or do you like to work with our platform? Contact us throughout the button below. We really like to help you further.

Service Control provides a transparent and professional technician to perform repairs throughout the entire Benelux