Service Control reperaties

"Onze expertise in witgoedreparatie gaat terug naar 1994"

Who we are

Service Control is a combination of the expertise of Wout van Vugt and Rob Zwaan . Wout van Vugt founded Van Vugt Service Centre in 1990 and has over twenty years of experience in restoring household electronics , with renowned clients such as Whirpool , Everglades and Hotpoint . Rob Zwaan since 1993 specialized in the repair of consumer electronics such as televisions and audio equipment and works since 2004 as service manager for Vestel Benelux. Combining their knowledge has led to the creation of Service Control in 2012. Current clients include BCC, Itho Daalderop, Franke, Novy, Grando, Makro, Media Markt, Saturn and more.

Our skilled mechanics

Service Control works with over fifty reliable and skilled self-employed mechanics with an average TAT ( turn around time ) of 3.96 days per assignment. Should you be interested in performing work for Service Control , you can contact us through our contact form.


Service Control likes to work with partnerships. For us a partnership is a challenge, but one that we love to take. We try to be as transparent as possible to enable a good cooperation. Creating trust is therefore very important to us. That is also the reason that our process is as transparent as it can be. Our partners can therefore always watch what the mechanic is doing with our software program .