Service Control: Our specialism lays in the repair of consumer electronics for retail organizations and importers.

    Service Control uses a unique kind of software. With it you can provide for an even greater service for the repair of consumer electronics like washing machines or refrigarators. A partner of Service Control can always rely on a group of skilled and professional technicians.
    Within our program a partner of ours can easily fill in a report. Service Control immediatly takes care of the entire process, provding a skilled technician to perform the repair of the customers white goods. Within the program everything is documented carefully, even illustrated with photos if needed.
    The rights of your customer are included in the system and so the right is guarenteed by the manufacturer. A safe system, for all.

Some benefits of our software:

  • The burden you have on your administration will fade away. Everything happens at one place.
  • The system also provides in a large amount of data to use, data like: how long did it take, what are the costs and which article needs repairs the most.

Would you like more information about the possibilities of our software? Or do you just want to start right away?